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Old Man Figurine

Folk artists who make crosses, wooden chapels, saint statues and cult figurines treat every piece as a special creation coming from their hearts and intuition. They usually do not know and apply any anatomy or art rules, thus the figures might look misshaped and disproportioned. You may notice one arm longer than another, head too big or too small to the body, etc.

Carved Figurines

One of the most common saint figures found in Lithuanian folk art is a statue of an old man leaning on his right hand, reflecting deep sorrow, trouble, contemplation and kindness in his face. It is a symbol of human struggle and misery trying to make ends meet on a daily basis.

Artists most often use linden, birch, oak and ash wood for carving. All statues and tools are usually handmade and very rarely any electric equipment is used in the process.

Old Buffer Cross in Labunava (Lithuania) Man in Sorrow Figurine Face on the Trunk Man in Sorrow in Labunava (Lithuania) Man in Sorrow Sculpture

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