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Bathhouse Facade

Steam bathhouses have old traditions in Lithuanian culture and are known to have existed as the 13th and 14th centuries. Almost every family had a wooden bathhouse of their own which they used to clean their bodies and their souls too.

A standard bathhouse was usually made from pine wood and had 2 rooms - a relaxing room and a stream room. A relaxing room usually had a fireplace and was furnished with hand made wooden benches and tables. This is where the family members and sometimes close friends would gather together to have a glass of cold Lithuanian beer before or after indulging themselves in the steam room.

The stream room had a furnace which heated up big rocks. You would always find a tub with cold water in the room. This cold water was not just to pour over the hot rocks to produce the steam but also to refresh yourself. If you felt too hot, you could dare to jump into a pond of cold water which could usually be found right next to a bathhouse or you could also take a dip into the snow during winter months.

This bathhouse features both necessary rooms - a relaxing room and a steam room, plus a changing room was added for a convenience.

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