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Valdas Skugaras studied arts in Siauliai Pedagogical University, Art Faculty, in Lithuania. He acquired Bachelor of Science in 1984 majoring in painting, drawing and practical subject's teacher.

Valdas professional experience started in Pedagogical Art College, Lithuania as a lector (1997-2003). His theoretical and practical classes of different wood processing technologies lead him to further use of restoration skills as a renovator in Museum 'Alka', Lithuania. He was working in the museum for 8 years renovating antique decorative furniture as 3rd qualification of conservator (certification No. 242).

In 2005 Valdas moved to Sacramento, CA and is working in furniture repair business. He is a member of since 2008.

Valdas Skugaras took part in various exhibitions with his handmade woodworks, Mardi Gras masks and small sculptures. In 1998 he participated in "Smithsonian folk life 1998" in Washington D.C., USA, where he demonstrated his woodworks, carved masks and carving techniques.

Valdas renovated destroyed cultural monuments, crosses and chapel columns. Since 1982 he is member of Lithuanian society of folk artists.

Valdas Skugaras interests include old wood processing technologies, old fashioned veneering by hands. Since 1993 he is a member of "INSULA" ethnographical ensemble and has performed Lithuanian folk music in Europe, Russia and the USA.

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